the top 8 latest technology trends you must follow in 2021


the top 8 latest technology trends you must follow in 2021

With the world changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. You might think that you know what’s happening now, but by the time you find out about something new, it’s already old. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Here are the top trends for 2021, so you’ll never have to feel behind again.

The top 10 trends for 2021

So how do you know what’s going to be cool five years from now? For one, everyone is always talking about it. Tech professionals, analysts and the like will be the first to start talking about these things, which is why we’ve dug up what they’re all saying. 1. Fusion A fusion of cloud and big data is what some experts predict for the future of technology. Called the hybrid cloud, it will allow us to store data in both the cloud and on the device itself. 2. Ambient awareness People will increasingly be able to sense the world around them, and tap into data from connected devices. They’ll then be able to do cool things like buy things and travel to their holiday destinations. 3.

1. Wearables

Wearables will get better and better, and will go mainstream with smart clothing. Wristbands, pocket watches, watches, sunglasses, hats and socks will all be wearable, and are already being used. They will be the ultimate accessory, and the tiny technology within will soon be in the majority. 2. DIY 3D printing Wearables and augmented reality are cool, but by 2021 they will be nothing compared to 3D printing. Plastic 3D printers can print anything and everything from fine micro-particles to full-sized objects, all from your own home. As the technology evolves, we will see more sophisticated print methods, and plenty of inventive uses for them. 3. The Internet of Things We’ll see more tech companies developing smart devices that you can control and use on the fly from your smartphone.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

AI is nothing new, but it’s set to get smarter and use even more of our world’s knowledge and resources. What will AI do next? Start looking to the future for some answers to this question. It will be on your phones, computers and TVs – much like the technology is right now. But AI will improve the way we all use technology, too. So, for instance, we can expect devices to respond to our voice and gesture without you having to type or tap at all.

3. Blockchain

In a world of near-constant change, it can sometimes be hard to believe that we’re still on Earth and aren’t orbiting another planet. If all that’s to change, however, it’s surely not going to be by looking to the stars. So you can be certain that one thing will remain constant: all our major communications, finances, and record keeping will be a world dominated by digital records and the blockchain. We’ll even see the release of the first quantum blockchain, which can simultaneously process data in 3 different states.

4. Voice Activated Technology

Voice Activated Technology means that you can tell your smart gadgets what to do for you. This includes a virtual assistant (like Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Bixby), a smart home gadget, or something else. Just say something like, “Alexa, ask Visual Airports how long it will take for us to reach Orlando,” and your smart speaker will respond in a matter of seconds.

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5. Augmented Reality

We’re still a long way off from being able to see our fridge or lounge-room wall. But in 2021, AR is going to become pretty popular. It will enhance the experience of real life, and make everything around us look like it’s on TV. Using your phone to turn a boring table into a place where your robot dog can fight an alien – that kind of thing. 6. 5G Can you see us now? Because you’re probably dead. 5G will be faster than your normal broadband connection and have wireless download speeds 10x faster than today’s 4G. Although right now 5G tech isn’t yet in wide use, it’s on its way. Look out for it in phones, tablets, and everything else we can get our hands on in 2021. 7. Driving a car The reason we’re all going to die horribly? Auto accidents.

6. Big Data Analytics

Started as a term to describe research that seeks to harness the power of data, big data analytics is now a term to describe a whole range of tools and software that seeks to uncover actionable insights from the data gathered. Trends that will be the most visible in 2021 are tools that can help you understand your data and find answers to questions. They can also help you find the most relevant insights and trends to start driving your marketing, sales and operations forward. It’s also becoming easier to share data and integrate disparate sources of information. Big data analytics can provide answers and recommendations to problems that others can’t see, or help you find answers that your company previously didn’t know existed. 7.

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7. Drones

Well that was quick. After several false starts over the years, drones are officially a thing, and they’re going to be bigger and more popular than ever. Their arrival is a response to our ever-present urban shortage of space, combined with the fact that the industrial use of drones is growing at a massive rate. You’re probably already familiar with the creation of an air-traffic control system that deals with large numbers of drones, and is able to facilitate an increasing number of aircraft in a practical, safe way. 6. the wearables market explodes New types of wearable technology will hit the market and cause a revolution in how we interact with our smart devices.

8. Blockchain as the New Internet

If there’s one thing that the internet of things is bringing us, it’s a new level of transparency. Not only that, but blockchain is becoming a big player in this field.


So, that’s our 8 predictions for technology in the year 2021. What do you think? Do you agree with the list?



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