These 6 sites will give you the best of business ideas in Nigeria


It’s fascinating the tons of requests for topics on “business ideas site in Nigeria”.

Now and then, I always have this question on Reddit, Quora, Google, YouTube, etc.
If you have been looking for sites that foster the best business ideas in Nigeria, then trust me this article have you covered.
Although the list is voluminous, I will be a liar if I say I’ll exhaust the whole business idea sites in one article. No!!
The list below will tell you some(not all) of the best business idea sites in Nigeria.
Let’s dig dip

6 Best business idea sites in Nigeria


Unlike every other site, omegapayz is a business idea site that talks about general business ranging from local business, online business ideas, loans, and personal finance.
The only distinction which makes omegapayz the best business idea site is that it mostly lists business ideas that can be utilized by a college graduate, working class, college students, and nursing mothers.
Her mission is to enable students and graduates to reach their entrepreneurial goals as well as a businessman to augment their portfolio and strategy.
One of her award-winning articles talks about 100 untapped business ideas in Nigeria. This caught me reading over and over again

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Website: is focussed on businesses around Nigeria.
MakeMoney is a financial enlightenment organisation. Their major aim is for financial independence among Africans and also for technology utilization for business growth. simplifies and dissects personal finance and digital economy by producing substantive and clear advice, practical steps to help readers grow their finances and better manage their money for growth.


As the name implies, enable business owners to make a seamless transaction of their invoices.
As a business owner, you go Paperless, get Paid Faster at any time.
It is Simple And Easy-to-use Online Invoicing Software for Small Business Owners &Freelancers.

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This platform helps Nigerians to learn how to save, earn income, invest profit and live a better life.
Koboline is dedicated to empowering Nigerians with credible and up-to-date advice on the best financial products, services and experiences.
The help you in various ways like time saving and the stress of figuring out what financial product or service to use.


I will say that “no one here have not heard of LinkedIn
It’s a platform where different business tycoons and professionals dwell.
Here is a place where you will see the best of business plan, letter writing skills, memo, application letter etc.
It is a home of all. If there is nothing you can fine there, you can ask some one in the community or publish it as a status.

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Everyone knows that Facebook is the home for all.
Within and outside Nigeria, we all use Facebook and informations spread like wild fire on this platform.


Honestly, there are lots of business blogs on the net and there are also lots of online platforms that can make you money. We have taken time to carefully select them in order of importance.
If you have another business platform you feel it will be of benefit to our reader, so well to drop your comments below.



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