These Jobs Are For Unskilled Workers (Jobs In Canada)


Whether you are skilled or unskilled, there’s a job opportunity for you in Canada, So far you have the physical and mental health ability to work. There’s always a task for you to earn a good living.

Who are unskilled workers?

Unskilled workers are those people with limited academic experience, no tertiary education certificate, and usually have little working experience.

Luckily, there are few companies where un-educated workers can find a job to earn a good living, Here’s one of the best job for unskilled workers in Canada.

1. Construction workers

Construction workers install and repair roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures.
If you are physically fit and you can work under any type of weather, this job is for you.
You will earn some quick $$$ per hour doing this job
To get this job offer, you need to have at least one year of working experience.

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2. Fast Food Worker

Fast Food Workers

If you had experience working with a food company before, this job is still best for you. You will actual do the same thing you had done before and you will also need to improve your ability to work and also know how to handle impatient customers.
You’ll need at least a school diploma to get this job and also at least a year working experience.

3. Security Guard

If you are physically fit and you can handle unruly people, this job is actually for you. You need to have good security knowledge to do this job perfectly and be courageous, be vigilant, and be ready to face challenges at anytime, any day.

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4. Heavy Equipment Operators

You need to know your ability and what you can really handle before you apply for this job. You also need to know how healthy you are before apply for this kind of job because it requires being healthy and also being able to work for long hours.

Heavy Equipment operators usually operates one machinery or the other and they can work with the farming sector, construction, industrial sector etc, their major role is to handle machineries to execute a certain production.

5. Cashier and Customer Service

If you are ready to serve and face unruly customers, this job is actually for you. You will earn a decent amount of money when doing this job, but we all know that every advantage has its own disadvantages. This is a perfect job, but sometimes you should be ready to face customer challenges and be ready to tackle them.

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6. Waiter or Waitress

In this job, you may be responsible for taking orders, service drinks and food, cleaning tables, handling customer complaints etc. If you can do it, then you are good to go.



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