2023 Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada


2023 Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

The average salary for Canadian employees is currently $952 CAD per week, or just under $50,000 a year, according to StatCan. However, many of the highest paying jobs in Canada earn at least three times this amount. On the other hand, the lowest paying occupations typically pay less than half the average salary.

In addition to offering high salaries, the Canadian job market also has good prospects for income growth over the next 5-10 years.

According to the CFIB, there were 430,000 private sector vacancies that remained unfilled in Q3 2018 due to a lack of qualified candidates.

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Below are the top 10 highest paying jobs

Surgeon – $340,000
Psychiatrist – $293,000
Dentist – $233,000
Petroleum engineer – $208,000
IT manager – $203,000
Marketing manager – $196,000
Pilot – $195,000
Lawyer – $192,000
Sales Manager – $187,000
Commercial Operations Manager – $164,000

This suggests that employers are facing skill shortages and may be willing to offer higher salaries to attract top talent.It’s worth noting that this list does not take tips into account. Waiters and waitresses, especially in high-end restaurants, can earn a comfortable income despite relatively low hourly wages thanks to generous tips.

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Lowest Paying Jobs In Canada

Sewing machine operator – $22,514 – $41,546
Cook, fast food – $20,994 – $26,026
Cashier – $21,183 – $29,156
Dishwasher – $21,286 – $28,540
Waiter – $20,091 – $42,837
Restaurant host/hostess – $21,113 – $29,120
Gas Station Attendant – $21,052 – $32,357
Food and Beverage Server – $22,360 – $30,369
Food Counter Helper/Kitchen Help – $21,184 – $32,888
Babysitters, babysitters and parent helpers – $20,880 – $37,354

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For a more detailed look at wages by occupation and location in Canada, the federal government’s Working in Canada website is a useful resource. It allows you to compare your salary to others in your field and prepare for salary negotiations.



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